From a background in wine marketing and sales, Caroline van Schalkwyk identified a gap in the market and founded CVS Communications in 2018. The core focus for the business is on bridging the gap between the media, consumers and the trade, which Caroline believes all link together.

“A specialized approach is needed for the wine industry, one which covers all the elements of the PR and sales process. At CVS Communications, we engage with the media to get PR exposure for our brands, so that consumers read about and ask for the wines at on and off consumption level. I believe that if one element of this process is missing, sales will ultimately suffer”, says Caroline.

“Our unique selling point is our trade relations service, which offers guidance and assistance on placing the wines at the correct outlets for the target market to purchase them,” she continues.

With a comprehensive knowledge of the trade, marketing skills and relationships with the media, CVS Communications aims to get widespread exposure for the brands they work with, and as a result sell more wine.

“When we start working with a client, we strive to really understand their business objectives, so that we can tailor-make a solution that works for them. I am very passionate about return on investment, and with each of my clients, I want to see a positive difference to their bottom lines”, says Caroline.

CVS Communications focuses on traditional and digital public relations, trade relations, digital media and branding and offers a complete solution for the PR and marketing requirements of any wine business.

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